The church really only has two options moving forward: 1.) backtrack the literal truth claims and narrative; or 2.) double down and claim the decline is a separation of the wheats and tares.

2021.10.23 18:01 superassholeguy The church really only has two options moving forward: 1.) backtrack the literal truth claims and narrative; or 2.) double down and claim the decline is a separation of the wheats and tares.

I just started thinking of their truth crisis dilemma right now from a business perspective — and the church is pretty much screwed moving forward. Unless Mormon Jesus shows up in the next couple years here, the Mormons are going to have to pivot.
The first option is to back track and just sell it all as never being literal, it’s just a feel good do good organization, and let go of the hard core fire and brimstone doctrine. This route, they’ll retain more members, but they’ll lose the die hards. People will take it less seriously, and people will feel less obligated to pay a tithe -> reduced revenue.
Or the second option is to double down. Stick to their guns and claim literal communication with God. Gaslight the people who leave, and claim this is the separation of wheats and tares. This will drive out most people like all of us here… but this might actually be the better business move.
Can you imagine if they double down, and make the exclusive club MORE exclusive? Make the die hards feel MORE chosen and MORE special?
There will be less people who hang around, but from a revenue perspective — I think they would have an easier time getting a small group to pay an increased tithe (God said he needs 20% now), than getting a larger less devoted group to keep paying 10%.
I had never really thought about it that way before, but I’m interested to see how it plays out.
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2021.10.23 18:01 efecan75 Gravis Finance BSC

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2021.10.23 18:01 heislegendddddddd Direct tv now plays then freezes after a few seconds…

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2021.10.23 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: қарама-қарсылық

қарама-қарсылық translates to reverse
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2021.10.23 18:01 QueenoftheSirens What do you think it feels like to have someone’s life in your hands?

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2021.10.23 18:01 DrinkUpThroDown HYPER FORCE! A casual guild rebuilding looking for active players!

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2021.10.23 18:01 Prior_ReperTheNid_16 SIN TIEMPO PARA MORIR PELÍCULA

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2021.10.23 18:01 sadmadstudent How to play online chess with neurological disorder that causes hands to shake?

I am having difficulty playing chess online. I have a condition that causes severe shaking in my hands and forearms, so I often jerk by accident and move the piece I don't want to move. Essentially, I mouse slip. It isn't my fault, and there's nothing I can do about it, but it affects approximately 1/4 of all my games, more in a bad week.
Is there any hope for playing anymore? I lose so many games, in my view unfairly, by mouseslip giving away queens, rook, just moving pieces to completely random squares because of the shaking. None of my opponents seem to care. I usually explain in chat before the game starts, and politely submit a takeback request if it occurs. But nobody ever gives the takeback, and often I am mocked and insulted. More often I'm just ignored. I assume they just think I am blundering and lying to win.
I love chess, I love the thrill of the game, I am getting pretty good. But all my hours of analysis and study and practice mean nothing online. I throw a full quarter of the games due to my condition, and no one I have played seems to have the empathy or integrity to allow a takeback.
Is there a way forward for me? For people like me? Will we be perpetually excluded from this wonderful game, or just have to accept that I will lose games I don't deserve to lose?
I don't even know if it's fair to appeal to the opponent -- from their perspective, they have no way to know I'm telling the truth, but also, they want to win. It directly penalizes them to give back a move, even if it was made accidentally. But also, it seems drastic to ask Lichess for an accessibility badge or profile icon or SOMETHING so that it's indicated to my opponent they should give the move back. But even that seems ethically murky. Whats to I am just speculating ideas. But right now online chess is completely inaccessible for me, and due to the pandemic I can't play OTB anywhere in my hometown. The best solution seems to be to appeal to my opponent's good nature and ask them not to penalize the mouseslip; but most chess players I've interacted with have demonstrated an astonishing lack of empathy and even cruelty about this.
Just want to get a conversation going.
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2021.10.23 18:01 junkmacfilter I don't want to complain but we have frogs and we have all manner of horse like creatures. Can we get actual sea creatures instead?

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2021.10.23 18:01 simplytaxing Denial of EITC/ACTC when using PYEI - any updates?

I'm looking for updates on the handling of PYEI for EITC and ACTC when current year EI is $0.
A redditor a couple of months ago said they received a letter saying they did not qualify for EITC based on PYEI. Their current year earned income was less than their PYEI, so they should qualify based on the wording usually used, but their CYEI was actually $0, so they would not have qualified for any EITC without the PYEI.
Someone replied and said that was correct, but many of us had been using software that allowed the above (in particular TaxSlayerPro - used all over the country by VITA - was applying EITC based on PYEI even when CYEI was $0).
2019 EI will be allowed in EITC and ACTC calculations for 2021 returns, so it's important to know what is correct.
My question is, can anyone confirm either way, from their clients or otherwise, whether PYEI can be used to calculate EITC if CYEI is $0?
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2021.10.23 18:01 planetpheromone Umai! Scene but it's Arataki Itto from Genshin Impact

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2021.10.23 18:01 zcovey9 [NA][EU][18+]GruntLife Gaming (GLG): If You're In Need Of A Group To Raid With Or Grind Out Task Then Feel Free To Hop In With Us Whenever. Very Active Adult Tarkov Group.

GruntLife Gaming (GLG)
Gaming group that started over 2 years ago from a couple of military vets just messing around to building a massive community with tons of people to interact and play with daily. We believe we're offering the best gaming experience, come find out why!
-NA & EU region, 18+ yrs of age to join (Most well into their 20's-30's+)
-Military Veteran Owned/Operated Discord, but open to everyone!
-No toxicity, friendly community. Active Admins & Staff oversee the server.
-Wide variety of different players from absolute newbies to very experienced players.
-Always have players in voice chats at any time of the day.
-One of the most, if not the most active Tarkov based discord out there.
-Discord server is Nitro Boosted to the highest level. Has the highest audio quality possible in discord, our very own Vanity URL, and much more!
Check us out here, good luck in-raid! \If you join please be sure to select roles or you won't see anything!*
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2021.10.23 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: उल्टी

उल्टी translates to reverse
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2021.10.23 18:01 tntchest I don’t think I am but never hurts to check

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2021.10.23 18:01 gnomewrangler1 Help on appraising cards.

So I was just at my Ma's, and she made me go through the bins of old childhood stuff so she can clean. Well I stumbled upon a bin of collector cards, mostly hockey but a bunch of baseball and football cards as well.
Any help on the process of appraising all these things would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.23 18:01 AdamantForeskin Freedom Crab

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2021.10.23 18:01 NeckBeardDiscordMod It’s really been that long?

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2021.10.23 18:01 evdeyogunbirkokuvar yav zimbabwe de yaşamak ne zor ya

ulan amına kodumun çocukları evi turlayıp duruyor bu saatte amını siktimin evlatları lan zaten orospu cocu mürehaiti çala çala bina yapmış 3 kuruş oara için ev boş paket passat amuğa koyim. anasını siktşmin benesine arpası fazla gelmiş gecenin 11inde 12sinde koşuyor ulan orospu evladı ne derdin var da kpşuyon amını yurdunu siktimin çocu ne var ne otur götünün üstüne al eline sikik tabletini enes baturınu izle ya dışarda bşnyerde kıstıracap piçi salacam korkuyu anasının amına ya da anası tekken çıkacam sikecem anasonı o olacak yeter amk insanın komşusuna saygısı da mı olmaz amını sikeyşm yok aga yok dışarı gitme imkanı olupta burda 5 dk kalank siksinler bu ülksnin adamı işe yarsmaz amına kyum 70 yaşındakı dayıdan tutta 14 yaşındaki ergen 10 yaşındaki velete kadar 5 gr sike sürülecek akıl yok bunlarda anasını sikeyşm diyecem rahatsız edşynuz ses çıkarmayın daha fazla ses çıkacak polisi çağıracan davalık olacan adamla basit bi şeyi bike otokontrol yapmaları lazım yanı yok amk bunlarda sike sürülecek akıl yok ne nezaket var ne saygı bunlar piçliğin ortasında doğmuş orospu çocuklarından ibaretler 5 dk seyir zevki bırakmadılar adamda bu nedir amk o mütehatinin de anasının amını bombalayacam orospu rvladı komşu hapşursa sesi geliyor amk böyle bişi olabilir mi anasını sikeyim kartın ev mi bura ney amk sikecem evveliyatını da zürriyetini de adam akıllı insan yok lan burda şöyle çık sokağa süz insanları yok amk yok hepsinden sinsilik oezevenkşik akıyor kim doğultan öyle kimi bunların arasında dura dura öyle olmuş ben anlamıyom aq zimbabweli diyince insanjn aklınam öyle tipler gelmememsi lazım HAY ANANIN AMKNA C4 DÖŞEYEYİM İBNENİN EVLADİ HALA KOSUYOR AMK ÇOCU SENİN BEN yeter artik lan hoplama ziplama anani sikeyim yok aga yok olmaz boyle benim biranonce kuzey tekinogluna ya da samiye donusmem lazim boyle bakisimla adami hazirola gecirmem lazim soyle bi bakis atacam adamlara analarinin amindan ciktiklari gune lanet okuyacaklar boyle helak olmak isteyeckler yani bunlari bir suzecem soyle gozlerinin onunde analarini sikiyomus gibi ter akacak sırtlarından gitlerine inecek anca bunkar boyle adam olur olmadi mi bi adim atacam uzerlerine o zman yarramin basini gorecekler hala dolaniyor bu arada amk pici abasinjn amina halep baklavasi pisirdigimin evveliyatsiz dalyaragi ulan senin ananj senin gozunun onude siksinler be yeter orospu evladi yeter seb uyurken yaninda babani bagirta bagirta sikerlerken uyan oroslu evladi simarik pic yok aga yok burda kafa rahatligi yok amk kimse kimweyi onemsemiyor onemsemeyi siktir et saygi duymuyor ya killa ne demis ilk kural saygi cidden adamligin ilk kurali saygi amk saygi olmazsa hoc bi sikim olmaz insan iliskilerinde yasamakta olmekte ekip isidir noluyi amk buraya jadar ikuyosab gotune koyim sdninde zlmbabweli bi kizi sevdim dilim yandı la dilim cigerim yabdi mak vazen çok yabancu bri gibi geliyor bazen de 40 yildir tanıyorum da kaybetmisim gibi ama asil canımı yakan bana yanabci olmasi. asil sacmalik sesini bile digru durust duymamis olmam cok sacma amina koyim cok sacma lan bok gibi bok gibi bi his la hem cok aci icindesin hem de cok ergence aminakoyim ne alaka diyosun en alaka lan gecen aklima geldi niye oyle oldugu ona bakiyoken sanki o da bakiyor gibi hissettiğimden sevdim ama ne alaka amk varligimdan bi haber amina koyim niye lan niye amina kyim ben oyle zengin olmak falan istemiyom ki amk ha yurtdisi olur ama yeterki sevdigim insanla yan yana mutlu oluyum o bile olmadiktan sonra gerisi bos amk sadece parayla kendini kandırıp durursun beni mutlu edecek sey onla beraber yan yana oturmak ona sarilmak koklamak konusma sohbet etmek bunlar amk bunlar olsun benim icin hayat bitmistir daha otesi yok sasali arabalar sikimde olmaz o yanimda olduktan sonra. diyor ya unlu sair yarrami kokteb ben nice toroslar gordum icinde aile vardi ben jice bmwler gordum sag koltugu siftahsizdi. ya iste oyle bir aksam bu aksam yanlis yaptik ustaaa cok yanlis yaptik sureci kotu yonettik olmadi hata bizde usya bizde gittik soyledik tabi kizla kkonusmak hak getire internette yazdik ona da o yazdi tabi bi sekilde yazmasini sagladim yikik ise yaramayan bi taktikle sonra da ananin ami oldu hocam ne olacak sen hic tabimadigin kiz teklif etse evet der misjn dersin tabi sen erkeksin kizlar oyle degilmis biz de zor anladik meseleyi napak yarran ustune dimdik oturduk yolun sonunda delirmis vbi yarrk hastasi çıkacak ortaya olacagi o , amina koyim ya yok ya yok ben istemiyom bisi smk dunya cok soyut sikeyim yasana telasini hayatı iviri ziviri siktiri boktan yarak kurek mesgaleleri bos amk bos sabah kalk aksam yat calis calis ananın ami bi karis nolacak bu hayat boyle hep ayni hep ayni donecek mi bi gun bize de sabs tokmagi sikerim buraya kadar okuyabib hayatini da zimbabwedeki yaraktab isleri de HERJES ADAM OLACAK BUNDAN SONRA KİMSE BENDEN HABERSİZ İS YAPMAYACAK BURDA BENİM DUDUGUM OTECEK YAMUK YAPANİN YARRAGİ KESİLECEK AKLİ OLMAYANJN BOGAZİ ARTİK SİKİK YÖNETİM YOK ARTİK SİKİYONETİM VAR. new sikis iyi geceler diyenjm olsa mi amk hem insanlarla iletisim kurmuyom hem de yanlizliktab yakiniyom ben misafire selam vermeye zorlaban tiplerden miyim acaba (misafire selam veeiyom yasitim kiz harij)
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2021.10.23 18:01 borishasnoguts I think my dad lied about getting me a birthday present again...

My birthday was October 3rd. I spent it with my mom, but she took me back to my dad's house, where I live, towards the end of the night. I remember not wanting to get my hopes up in thinking he'd gotten me something.
Last year he said he would get me something. At first he would say "I'll have your present next week". And he just repeated himself until I gave up hope. He never got me a birthday gift. Not even a gift card.
So I came home on October 3rd and as expected, no gift. I cried myself to sleep a few nights in a row. It really hurt thinking my dad couldn't even be bothered to go get me a card or anything. I'm a very grateful person and any gift means so much to me, I don't ever expect others to spend a lot of money on me but when it comes to the people I love I do expect at least some form of acknowledgement yk. Like fuck scribble "I love you" on a sheet of paper and I'll be happy.
Anyways by October 9th he told me "don't think I forgot about your birthday present, I need a week to save up for it." Honestly, I'm an idiot for it but I did let this give me hope. I got excited that my dad didn't forget about me. I told my girlfriend how happy I was and she celebrated with me.
...October 17th rolls around... what do I hear? "Don't worry, I'll have it next week."
...and a week later... still nothing...
...better yet he stopped talking about it all together...
...God it hurts so much worse than if he just would've said "I'm sorry I can't afford your gift this year". He had to get my hopes up again. His pride wouldn't allow him to straight up tell me. I'm mad, I won't lie. But really, I'm just very deeply hurt.
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2021.10.23 18:01 rock6954 Servpro threatening a lien

Hi everyone,
I had water damage in my unit recently. Servpro franchise came out and took the measurements of the entire house and provided an estimate before starting any work. There were some rooms and spaces that were unaffected but they were still included in the cost of the estimate with the understanding that the estimate would be updated in accordance with the actual work done post the repairs. However, Servpro is refusing to update the final invoice based on the actual work that was done and is still charging me for additional rooms and services in the estimate where there was no work done by them. Post completion, I reached out to Servpro team repeatedly to have the estimate updated but they never answered so I ended paying for the services that were actually rendered (which is about 50% portion of the total bill) and asked for clarifications on rest of the billing items. Now months later, they’re threatening to put a lien on my property if they do not receive the full payment soon. I have provided them with evidence of work done (and not done) and they’ve refused to review any bill clarifications, and is charging for services not delivered to the customer. I believe this is is extremely unethical and complained to the corporate team too. I’m receiving no help from the corporate or franchise team to resolve the matter. Can anyone please advice what I can do?
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2021.10.23 18:01 OncaAtrox Anaconda digesting its kill in the Pantanal

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2021.10.23 18:01 Pemy_ Triss Merigold by Bloodyfaster

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2021.10.23 18:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: inverso

inverso translates to reverse
Thank you so much for being a member of our community!
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2021.10.23 18:01 wavemotiondan Caught a picture of this teensy little jumper. What is he? Denver, Colorado

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2021.10.23 18:01 Pubesdepie Could someone tell me how much this axie might be worth ? Thanks in advance.

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