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elmo cocaine

2021.11.30 10:04 welpamgaming elmo cocaine

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2021.11.30 10:04 businessyndicate US authorities order new vote in Amazon union bid

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2021.11.30 10:04 anonymous12205 What do you mean you've never played Kitchen Minichess at 3 AM?

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2021.11.30 10:04 metallaces I feel like if I can make sense of his behaviour, I’ll find some peace

I think why it’s so hard for me to move on is because I don’t understand what’s happening with him.
It’s been almost 7 weeks since we broke up. I had mental health issues and major issues with insecurity and sabotaging the relationship. Through the relationship I acknowledged to him that I had a problem, I got into therapy, talked to my doctor, did everything I was supposed to, but it was slow progress. He was supportive and said that he would support me through the whole process no matter what. A few weeks before we broke up I regressed in my mindset. I picked stupid fights and treated him with contempt. He told me that he didn’t want to talk for a few days and that we would speak in person on the weekend.
After a few days he came over, and he broke up with me. He cried, said he was sorry and that he loved me. He just didn’t think he could make me happy. We were planning on getting engaged that week and I told him that we could postpone the engagement, postpone moving in together, and just take things slower while I was getting treatment. He said no.
A few days later I texted him and said “This needed to happen, I wish you the best” and he texted me back saying that none of this was what he wanted and he’ll love me always. I then went into no contact.
A week went by and he was watching my stories and liking my posts but we weren’t talking. I went to a Halloween party and posted a picture of me and a guy friend hugging. Less than an hour later he blocked me on Instagram. He stopped viewing my stories and liking my posts after that.
Right after the breakup he returned my stuff to my sister and he told her me that when the Christmas present I ordered for him arrived, he would take it and pay me for it if I couldn’t return it. The present arrived a month after the breakup so I broke no contact to let him know. He said “honestly I think I’m ok”.
A couple days later I asked him to call me. He called and I told him that I took a month of work to do some intensive therapy (which is true), that when I return I’d like to pick up overtime at his job (I worked there too when we met). I wanted to make sure there was no negativity between us. He was very cold but he said there was no negativity. I offered the Christmas presents again but he said no, it would be weird now after a month of silence.
We hung up and I completely broke down. I texted him and said that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to talk to him, I just needed the space to heal. I still loved him as a person and wanted him in my life. He ignored it.
It’s been a couple weeks since then. We haven’t talked. My birthday was yesterday and he didn’t reach out.
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2021.11.30 10:04 Banana414 December Discussion Thread for GME:US - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE! (F.A.Q. included and updated regularly)

December Discussion Thread for GME:US - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE! (F.A.Q. included and updated regularly) General GME discussion and updates.
Hello cunts,
and welcome to all the new members! Right off the bat, I'd like to just remind everyone that's new here to use the search bar first before posting a question. We have some very talented and knowledgeable apes here who've dedicated their time to the sub and covered a lot of ground in the last few months. It's more than likely that your queries have already been answered.
If you still can't find what your looking for, we're always happy to help!
Absolute newbies to GameStop and stock trading should start here and here.

Resources for Transferring to ComputerShare from our brokers:
Please note, brokers are constantly changing their policies and some are adding the ability to DRS. Feel free to ask questions in the threads linked.
Where do we purchase the GME shares?
  1. Open Commsec account via your CBA account, online.
  2. Activate the International Trading Platform.
  3. Complete the online W8 US/AUS tax treaty form.
  4. Wait for it to be processed (over a week usually)
  5. Transfer cash into your CDIA account, which is created in your CBA user account when you opened a Commsec account.
  6. Use the "transfer funds" function of the International Trade desk screen (it's a button on the International launch n screen, which appears next to to "Launch Platform" button. Ensure you are requesting $USD.
  7. Walt about 36-48 hits for your funds to clear, and appear in your balance (accessible via the International platform UI once you have launched it)
  8. Buy GME shares via "market order" using the Commsec International Trading Platform
NOTE: Accounts can still easily be opened without having a Commonwealth Bank account to begin with.
Can I call ComputerShare?
Yes. The number is 18005226645. Use the call function in Skype. Call them during US business hours as they aren't open 24/7
What is the average GME hodl of Aussie Apes?
~132 Shares average hold (Source)
Do I need to fill out a W-8BEN form?
But I spoke to xyz and they said... -NO-
You need one filled out, unless you're an American 🤢
Should I put my tax file number on the W-8BEN form?
I've filled out a digital W-8BEN form on CommSec but it still says pending?
It will stay like that until it’s approved within 5 business days or so. (They are currently experiencing high volume hence the delay)
How long does it take for snail mail vs. express mail?
6 weeks snail (generally) and about 7-10 days for express - if you live urban. Expect delays if rural.
Is it to late to get in?
When will I know I can call CS to request express mail?
When your shares disappear from your brokerage account.
What do I do now that I have my account details (i.e. I've received my first letter with the W8 and CS account number)?
Now you can create your online Investor Centre Membership.
The rest of this answer is relayed in detail in part two of this guide.
What will happen on ComputerShares' end if I DRS from two different brokers? Will two accounts be created for me?
First DRS created your account. Second DRS will go into the same account if your personal details provided by your broker to CS are the same as the first DRS. Eg: if your second DRS is coming from a different broker than your first, and the second broker only uses your middle initial and the first broker your whole middle name, then a second account will be created. These can be merged later if you contact CS. If the second DRS is from the same broker as the first, then shares will hit the same CS account.
How does CS contact you after your first DRS?
Any contact you receive from CS will be from the US branch. This contact will take the form of: 1) Initial snail mail with account number, following your first DRS. 2) Email from CS for your own email address verification when you set up your online Investor Centre Membership. 3) Investor Centre Membership activation code via snail mail once you have set up that online membership - you can phone CS and get them to send that Activation code via express post, using a credit card for $45USD. Each step takes time. About 4 - 6 weeks for that account number. (You can also get that expressed to you after your first DRS if you phone them and pay for it).
Can you buy shares via CS after DRSing 1 share?
Yes, you can directly buy from CS.
You'll need to transfer at least 1 share, set up your investor centre and wait for verification code to arrive as well.
Once it's all open, it seems like you'll need to open a WISE account to transfer money to CS for the purpose of buying shares and unless you want to wait for a cheque to be mailed to you if you ever sell, you'll also need to set up your AU bank account to transfer any proceeds from any sales (you might be able to use the wise account to do this as well but haven't looked into it).
At what stage do I ask for express post?
Once they disappear from CommSec, ring ComputerShare and ask them to courier the letter.
How much does it cost to DRS?
  • CommSec - Free
  • Stake - $200
  • IBKR - $5USD (Must be in USD)
  • Westpac - $10
Are we able to fill/apply for the W-8BEN online, or only by mail?
Both. Online, if you've received the activation code for your Investor Centre account.
What do I write in the Foreign Tax Identifying Number (FTIN or TIN) field on the W-8BEN form?
Do not put your TFN.
Stake to Commsec transfer time?
It takes approximately 2 weeks. Stake locks your account during the period, you'll see the transfer in your CommSec and the added shares, but the shares will look like they haven't moved yet on stake. A few days later the shares will be moved from stake.
Can I buy GME with AUD?
Yes, most brokers will charge you the equivalent value of the GME share + fees, brokerage, etc in AUD.
Should I buy LRC?
That's up to you. As everything else is too. Cunt.

MM/DD/YY fucking retarded
A massive shout out must go to all the apes that have provided useful insights and content on the sub, a good chunk of which is used in this update. Also those assisting other apes on the sub everyday, especially u/EvolutionaryLens who, among many other things, helped put this thread together + u/musicdesignlife & u/unnamedgoatman for our new banner.
Still looking for a new logo you lazy pricks. Someone make one. (Required Size: 256x256px)
Support Our Company! https://www.ebgames.com.au/
Thank you 🙌💎
happy hodling & xmas
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2021.11.30 10:04 ScribblingDoge Who is a one-note actor you are tired of already?

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2021.11.30 10:04 OutrageousAllergy Best mom on the planet

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2021.11.30 10:04 danger_dan6996 Given these to bad boys from my moms friend but have no idea what they are let alone how to care for them!

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2021.11.30 10:04 SirrJimmy Elite omelette - some eq participants, rest carry

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2021.11.30 10:04 TouchToTouch Cars vs Chain #3 - BeamNG Drive

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2021.11.30 10:04 Longjumping-Ad1810 WTS Childe + Polar Star + Eula + WGS + Hu Tao + Mona + MoD EU

Eu Ar45

MM fee is on u otherwise u ll go first
LF 40$ Google play or USDT
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2021.11.30 10:04 stockerman-kc Top 7

Future Top 7:

  1. $BTC
  2. $ETH
  3. $SOL
  4. $KASTA
  5. $DOT
  6. $BNB
  7. $ATLAS

No, neither $XRP, $SHIB nor $DOGE deserve to be there.
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2021.11.30 10:04 ClayDesk WHAT IS YOUR CAREER PATH IN 2022 GOING TO BE? AWS - AZURE - GCP

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2021.11.30 10:04 omgzelly3 What y’all rate the Flum Float “Aloe Grape” out of 10? About to try it

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2021.11.30 10:04 businessyndicate Democrats Push Bill to Outlaw Bots From Snatching Up Online Goods

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2021.11.30 10:04 notme6197 Do I say something or just let it go?

The team that my daughter is a part of had some big coaching changes this year. One of the coaches was not asked to return because of too many complaints against her. This caused some anger with some of the athletes and their families that are loyal to this coach. Nobody can fault them for that, that part is understandable.
The bigger problem is along the way with these changes the loyal families and athletes became rather mouthy towards the remaining staff (I’m one of the coaches). Those of us that stayed worked hard to make changes for the better, better for the program and better for the athletes. Some of the parents realized that what they were saying and doing was in fact hurtful to the remaining coaches and have apologized & moved on.
One family continues to be insulting and rude. Their daughter is best friends with my daughter and she is always texting complaints to my daughter about the changes and how stupid a lot of things are. My daughter feels stuck because her best friend and her parents are always insulting me and the changes I’m making to the program. My daughter doesn’t know what to say to her friend to get her to stop saying such hurtful things. I don’t know if I should say something to this athlete and her mom or just wait for it to subside on its own. It’s been going on since August.
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2021.11.30 10:04 Myrandall The Black Tide by Fabio Alencar

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2021.11.30 10:04 Equas [TL.GG] Sliggy: "CS kind of didn’t get treated properly until Astralis started using utility right. I just learned a lot of stuff from how people approached CS and took a lot of notes from that [for Valorant]."

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2021.11.30 10:04 hn88 For what reason do you get of the bed every morning?

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2021.11.30 10:04 SafeMoonJeff Go checkout the new website !! 🔥

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2021.11.30 10:04 danyaldayi Gerçekte avatarım gibi gözükseydim bana ne derlerdi?

Çok merak ettim
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2021.11.30 10:04 CypherTheFirstFallen The Rumour Engine – 30th November 2021 - Mo clue for what faction or system. Is it a head or a weapon?

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2021.11.30 10:04 elvispresley131 Watching MASH this morning and Hank showed up.

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2021.11.30 10:04 lectrohS_naisA .

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2021.11.30 10:04 victordshm Super Bombinhas is available on Steam!

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