Cranky rottweiler Butch in boxes! Lightly gifted.

2021.11.30 10:10 pendragonite Cranky rottweiler Butch in boxes! Lightly gifted.

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2021.11.30 10:10 MarioKillerMan Check out my sick action figure spot

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2021.11.30 10:10 M4mb423 ‘Alongside Matthew Williams who work at Givenchy’

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2021.11.30 10:10 MLTwatchenthusiast [Casio G-Shock G-2900] A surprisingly fun little G-Shock!

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2021.11.30 10:10 g4m3f33d Fortnite X Jordan: Release Date & Time, Skins Bundle Price & More - RealSport101

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2021.11.30 10:10 Akivktv Right before a storm at my old school

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2021.11.30 10:10 sgsgszsvshsbhshs Healing of Fatigue? Long term?

Hello Community, im reading in this group for a while and have some questions. It seems that most people will recover from Pain or insomnia, but i often read that tinnitus and other symptoms are more consistent or even for ever.

  1. Are there people that had Fatigue for a long time, that subsided complete? The same question towards tinnitus.
Im in my 8th month, after 10 pills of cipro. Im playing tennis 3 times a week and going to the gym 2 times a week again, pain is not noticeable but i have still popping joints. The only real remaining symptom is tinnitus left and fatigue on some days, when im sleeping to much.
thank you for the response.
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2021.11.30 10:10 joesen_one 211120 Key - Amazing Saturday DoReMi Market Ep. 187 : MONSTA X Minhyuk & Joohoney [Eng Sub]

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2021.11.30 10:10 BobbyLoveMaths 300 Blighted Ravaged Test on Silver Oils

I Saw a lot of people complaining that silver oil on blighted-ravaged maps were actually making them lose money, so i made 300 maps. 100 Without Silver oil, 100 with 1 Silver Oil and another 100 with 2 Silver oils.
You have all the details on the sheets but i'm gonna make a conclusion here for the people who don't want to go on the sheets.
Yes Silver oil is worth running on blighted-ravaged maps but not for more than 1 silver oil / maps.
Why's that ? Because the investment you make on silver oil is not worth enough for 2 silver but is pretty good and better with 1 silver oil instead of 2 silver oil or without silver oil. The bonus that brings the Silver oil is good enough to make good profit with 1 but not with more.
Hope you'll enjoy the sheet and the data have a good day.
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2021.11.30 10:10 wasted_wonderland My narc grandmother turned me into the jinxed black sheep of the family. So I convinced her that I AM 100% that witch that rains down havoc and sends all those disasters upon humanity!

Tl;dr As the black sheep or more like scape goat of the family, I managed to convince my narcissistic grandmother I'm responsible for every major disastrous event for the past 35 years.
This is a sordid tale of dysfunctional family bitchcraft. Continue reading at your own peril...
I was born in Bulgaria on June 11th, 1986. Exactly 55 days after the nuclear incident in Chernobyl... (This was the first great disaster that I caused... Clearly I didn't want to be born and I was mad they had decided to cut me out.)
My grandmother was quite upset at my arrival in this world. She thought this was some kind of curse meant to hinder the prosperity of her daughter. There was an even a “cutesy” and sinister endearing term for the children born in this year: “Chernobilche”... (A little Chernobyl baby...) lol. My mother was the golden child and I was the scapegoat of our marry litle codependent toxic family. With my grandmother as the supreme, controlling narc matriarch. She was the “look what you made me do” type of person who was never at fault for anything and everything that went wrong was someone eases fault. She was also quite pessimistic and superstitious and was convinced that our family is extremely “unlucky”.
“Oh, if it was good, it would never come to us...”, “Ah, whenever we reach for something, it turns to ashes...”, “Oh, I knew it would end badly!”
This was all a part of her controlling tactic to keep everyone isolated, desperate and depressed, dependent on her. She was always shoving down our throats some gloomy self fulfilling prophesies, gleefully rejoicing in our “failures” and completely dismissing and devaluing any accomplishments or success. Anything positive in our lives was because of her and anything unfortunate was our own fault, despite her best efforts and “wise guidance”.
Ever since Chernobyl, I was the designated bringer of bad luck in our family. Yes, in a very subtle, playful, humorous way, of course... But all this gaslighting, even in “jest” can be devastating for a child. When you're told a lie enough times, you start to believe it. But this coin has another side. When you tell a lie enough times, you start to believe it.
The second disaster that I caused was an earthquake in Turkey. Terrible, we were seeing the corpses of small children being dug out from the rubble. I was about 8 or 9 and the day before I had requested to wear some gold earrings. I was denied as I may lose them. After the earthquake I got permission to freely put on any gold items, as “You should wear them now, no point in taking them to the grave, tomorrow a horrible earthquake might bury us all...” (I shit you not, she must have thought I somehow caused it, because she would let me wear some damned earrings the day before! ) I was devastated to think I could be bringing bad luck, simply by existing. Was everything bad all my fault? Would things be so much better if I wasn't there? Can I do something about this? Do I really have such power?! It just so happens that I do...
I didn't even start to believe in it until my teenage years. It was a big dream of mine to visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras. When I was graduating highschool I was saving for the trip for years and I had booked an appointment in the embassy for a tourist visa as soon as I turned 18. And then hurricane Katrina happened. (That was the third great disaster that I caused...) The phone call with grandma want a little something like this: “See what happens when your ass wants to go places? Disaster!”
“Lol! I know! They were giving me a hard time at the embassy with all their questions and they pissed me off! (Not true, I just decided not to go and put the money I saved towards my education, but I decided to play it like I'm really mad:) Anyway, who do you think sent them the hurricane, lol! ” - surprised Pikachu face. Until this day she must think I was so pissed at the Americans because they elected George W. Bush twice AND they were giving me a heard time about the visa that I sent them a devastating hurricane!!! Fast forward to 2008/2009 when I went to study in Paris and there was nation wide strike and protests about higher education. The fourth great disaster that I caused. There was a real possibility of having a “blanc” or “void” school year!
I managed to convince her, I was too bothered with schoolwork and I welcomed the opportunity to just frolic in Paris with no classes, enjoy myself and get all my credits with a simple essay or an “easy” end of term paper as an exchange student... She might have thought I caused a nation wide movement in another country that halted higher education just because I was too lazy to do homework...
The fifth great disaster, that my grandmother is convinced I singlehandedly concocted /simultaneously/ is the 2008 financial crisis... It was all because I was too lazy and incompetent to find a job and therefore, I needed an excuse to stay in school and pursue a Masters degree.
It gets worse. As someone obsessed with fun times, parties and all sorts of bacchanalias I decided that even if I cancelled my Mardi Gras trip years ago, I absolutely must see the carnival in Rio and started saving for that trip. In 2016, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and go there for two major events – the carnival AND the Olympics! You will never guess what happened... The Zika virus. This is the sixth great disaster that I caused directly with my selfish desire to travel and surrender to my unbridled witchy passions!
I had a friend there and I was supposed to stay with them. Because of their help and advice I managed to pull out in time and I didn't actually book anything or lose any money. But I told my grandmother I was just so bummed out my plans fell through and I was so pissed that I decided if I can't party, nobody will, so I would send them a virus.
But wait! It gets even worse.
Remember the start of the COVID-19 pandemic? Yes, this is the seventh disaster! Yup, your girl was there right at the beginning. I got myself a little boyfriend from Hong Kong. Right at the start of the Hong Kong protests... I went on a “vacation” in HK to meet the family and celebrate the new year of the Rat.. (We were wearing precious and impossible to find masks while running from the police and protests to the next metro station.)
My grandmother is convinced I unleashed a plague upon the world because my ex must have pissed me off... (Not to mention that I'm a Gemini, terribly fickle, duplicitous and unpredictable and what not.) All this mayhem is so exhausting for me, I admit. I far so good. Lucky number seven? Can we get all the way up to 13...? Who knows? Don't tempt me! All you need to know is that everything is my fault. Don't play with me, it can always get worse... If you need anyone to blame, don't hesitate, I'm always here to help!
Seriously tho, for years now, I'm no contact with my grandmother and all the abusive narcissists in my life, I have no regrets and I'm so much better off. “Everything is my fault? Oh, you have no idea... “
Don't play the blame game with abusers or enablers. Just let them tremble and cower in fear, for you are wise, ironclad, ethereal, whimsical, adorable, powerful and absolutely fabulous!
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2021.11.30 10:10 korblborp Arcee Is Primed

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2021.11.30 10:10 CaboPreto000 My Paper-Planes Huracán, She isn't very stable but she does look good.

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2021.11.30 10:10 b06901038g Prevent PyTorch's `CUDA error: out of memory` in 1 line of code

I've been working on an efficient PyTorch wrapper that prevents OOM error from happening.
I've recently shared it with MachineLearning, and they quite like it.
It works by wrapping the tensor, automatically splitting batches when memory usage is high.
Project Link
This library tries to be very flexible, and allows people to make minimal changes to existing code (1 line for training).
Please tell me what you guys think. Suggestions appreciated!
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2021.11.30 10:10 matte246 How bad is writing dirty code first, then cleaning it up in large projects? My creativity suffers otherwise...

Hello all!
With the help of this subreddit, I have more than 20+ personal projects of all sorts (from small to complicated ones) in Python, and managed to get an analyst-programmer job using those skills. However, one thing is bothering me...
Every time I try to write clean code from the start, my thoughts seem to be "blocked" or "frozen", and I am much less productive when I am working like this. However, when I start to let go of this "clean code first" attitude, my creativity, and productivity skyrockets, with the downside of having to refactor the code later on.
I read things from a couple of developers, saying that clean code rules must be kept from the beginning of the project because the costs(time) of refactoring can be great, especially when a core function or logic is created in an incorrect way. I can only agree with this statement if you have a detailed plan of the production with all the required dependencies.
When you create something that is totally new and have not really figured it out yet (example: undocumented API reversing), I find it nearly impossible to keep clean code from the beginning.
I would like to hear developers, who are on the job for a couple of years, working on larger-scale projects, about their opinion if it is bad if you write dirty code first (not even keeping "DRY" dirty), then spend time refactoring it to make it clean and fit for coding conventions.
Of course, any tips regarding the creativity issue are welcome!
Thank you!
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2021.11.30 10:10 MyNameMadeYouSmiley LL Cool J - The Ripper Strikes Back

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2021.11.30 10:10 PM_ME_HOTGRILLS Recommend me a sporty or luxury car with budget of 60k

Hey all, I've been driving a 2017 Audi Q7 for the past few years but I think its time for me to move on from it since I no longer need the space that the car provides and I feel that it's a bit too large to properly enjoy its V6 fully. I will admit though that I have fallen in love with the technology that the car offers, and am weighing my options as to what im willing to sacrifice in terms of technology for sportiness.
I've been looking at the 2022 Supra 3.0 premium since it fits my budget and is available soon at MSRP in my region, and has a lot of the tech features i've gotten used to in the Q7. Just felt that I'd ask around to see if I can get a second opinion.
What I'd like:
- New preferred, I'm open to lightly used options though
- Automatic since this would be a daily driver
- Sedan/coupe, something where I'm not paying for size/space I wont be using
- Either a sports car that lacks some of the tech/luxury features or a luxury sedan/coupe
- Enough space to comfortably drive, im not massive (around 6ft) but I can have trouble with some very small cars.
- Preferably not have to wait 8 months for a car thats missing stuff due to the shortages
Tech I'd need to be available:
- whatever Audi calls adaptive cruise control. I do a decent bit of long distance driving and I can't imagine going back to my old car without it.
- Virtual cockpit where I can have navigation
- Good safety/parking features
Tech I'd like but not a dealbreaker:
- Heads up display
- Top down parking camera. I know the supra doesnt have this but I think for a car as small as it is I really shouldnt need it.
Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to what you guys can come up with.
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2021.11.30 10:10 cbvv1992 🔥62% Price Drop – $57.48 Elephant & Piggie: The Complete Collection Hardcover!!

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2021.11.30 10:10 BiggieGnome Music name?

If you go on Spotify or iTunes and you find the main Halo theme, there’s a piano song at the end of it. What’s the name of that song?
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2021.11.30 10:10 noturmomscauliflower What are your holiday traditions?

Our family doesnt have a lot of traditions, I'd like to start some meaningful ones make the holidays more than a time for gifts. What are yours?
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2021.11.30 10:10 NoWorking7044 Which part should I read next?

I just finished the part in which the final battle is between baki and yujiro.
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2021.11.30 10:10 bagajohny TECH TUESDAY: The banned features that will make a big impact on 2022's wheel-to-wheel action | Formula 1®

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2021.11.30 10:10 KyoMiyake r/teenagers writes a song! Day 3

So far, the lyrics are:
Top comment gets the next line
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2021.11.30 10:10 Wireless_Life What’s New in Microsoft Teams | November 2021

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2021.11.30 10:10 TobiasRyder What's a reasonable price for a dedicated streaming PC?

I just picked up a second full time job and I'll be making an additional $1600+ a month. I'm going to be building a 3000 series PC with a RYZEN cpu as my main VR build. But I'm wanting to build a dedicated stream PC, so I don't lose any frames playing pavlov or beat saber.
What's a reasonable price for a dedicated build? I feel like I could get an old generation i7 and 980 and be fine for under $500. But would that suffice or could I possibly get something better without blowing a ton of money?
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2021.11.30 10:10 Wifestealer1995 [FOR HIRE] Concept art of a game ( Dota 2 ) I made for a friend!

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