[Contest entry] My Park... ✌🏻

2022.01.22 10:42 Sxlv_ [Contest entry] My Park... ✌🏻

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2022.01.22 10:42 SnooGrapes5104 You like Purple Donuts for Saturday Breakfast Kenneth?

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2022.01.22 10:42 iammarymary Boat trip to Utila, HONDURAS. Travel Central America

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2022.01.22 10:42 Front_Tea1262 Keeping the rules!

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2022.01.22 10:42 Tsuikyit_The_VIP I think Stella from the Angry Birds Movie is cute

I want to hug her
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2022.01.22 10:42 littlefairywingz "Window-ledge Portrait", Autochrome taken by Maurice Rambert c.1907

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2022.01.22 10:42 gea_kt Personal Statement

Can someone proofread my personal statement?
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2022.01.22 10:42 hakarivr Why is the quest 2 menu so small now??

It used to be so big and open, and now it’s all cramped and small, like using a laptop in VR. It was just normal yesterday but I got the small menu update now, and I am NOT a fan.
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2022.01.22 10:42 photonsabsent What are the best MFA programs in the Bay Area or around?

I mean for MFA in fiction/poetry in particular. (Also wondering why Stanford/Berkeley don't offer MFAs? I know they have some extension/certificate courses in creative writing, that's all)
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2022.01.22 10:42 Forward-Bet-4201 Is this normal, having these docs for 1½ month

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2022.01.22 10:42 CardanoSkateClub Skate your way on Cardano blockchain! 🛹 Meet the new project in the making! Join our community for more info! 🛹

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2022.01.22 10:42 cadiuspan The constant ads about gambling ads are making me sad

I'm not a gambler but it just sucks how much these ads are everywhere. It's on TV / Radio and podcast. I'm a big podcast listener and no lie there's like 4-6 ads per podcast about gambling on a app. It's unfortunate because I see others who aren't really gamblers betting on the most insignificant things. We are creating a real problem mixing algorithms with gambling.
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2022.01.22 10:42 Monyati-Art "Space ant", Monayti Alyona (Me),oil and potal on linen canvas, 2021

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2022.01.22 10:42 michmosh07 The cost of police in NJ

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2022.01.22 10:42 fcube27 Web Host

This is the most fundamental type of Web hosting available. Free Web hosting is usually ad-supported and has a limited set of capabilities. This is the greatest option for people who are just getting started and only want to host a modest personal site with little traffic.
You'll get a subdomain (yoursite.example.com) or a directory (www.example.com/yoursite) from a free Web host. They usually come with a limited amount of bandwidth and storage, and they don't support MySQL, PHP, numerous e-mail addresses, or site analytics.
Web Hosting in a Shared Environment
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Shared Web hosting, as the name implies, allow multiple websites to be hosted on the same server. These hosts offer system administration, which is beneficial to customers who do not want to deal with the headaches of running a server with multiple users.
Although it depends on the specifics of the hosting plan, most server functions, such as PHP or ASP, MySQL, numerous e-mail addresses, and greater bandwidth and storage than a free host, will be readily available to the user. One disadvantage is the potential security issues associated with sharing a server with multiple other websites.
Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting
This is an excellent choice for consumers that require more bandwidth, storage, and other server services than are available with free or shared hosting. With a dedicated server, the user can build an unlimited number of databases and e-mail accounts, as well as have more bandwidth possibilities. Typical dedicated server plans include 500 to 1,000GB of bandwidth per month, and if additional storage is required, a new hard drive for the server can be acquired.
The fact that you must be your own server administrator is one of the major drawbacks of having an unmanaged dedicated host for certain users. If you don't know how to handle this duty, you have two choices: learn how to be a server administrator or simply move on to the next Web hosting service.
Managed Dedicated Web Hosting
So, if you want the power of a dedicated server but don't want to deal with the headache of learning about server administration, this should be the right choice for you.
Going this way ensures that you will receive assistance in getting your server up and operating, as well as assistance in the event that something goes wrong. That said, it's better to acquire a recommendation from someone you know and trust, or at the very least do some thorough research on the Internet.
Pricing is determined by the level of dependability, security, and support you require. Post Sponsored by Spheron Spheron is the Future of Decentralized Blockchain Hosting and Storage, deploy your websites and applications on the blockchain in minutes.
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2022.01.22 10:42 Pr12yu Clearly hit a survivor using Dead hard and it didnt count?

I went up to the Dwight, hit him while he was injured, Saw blood, saw The hit cooldown animation, man was good cause he used Dead Hard, someone please explain? For real its One thing to not hit The survivor, but to have all The indicativos that i hit him and it just doesnt count, really?
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2022.01.22 10:42 You-Will-NEVER-Do-It 5 minutes before "Smokebreak and Chill", and she gives you THIS look...

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2022.01.22 10:42 Artichoke19 I think we know where this is going

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2022.01.22 10:42 vaidakxc First picture taken by 15y/o with gskyer telescope any suggestions?

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2022.01.22 10:42 XHumblePigX Week 7 challenges!!!

The week 7 challenges have been fixed and they will give you the bonus goals now! You will get the XP from the bonus goals even if you have already completed the challenges so you didn't miss out on any XP 👍
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2022.01.22 10:42 NerdStone04 Redditors who are virgins, what makes you a virgin?

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2022.01.22 10:42 logia_ldn #ActiveGxng Suspect x Strika x Sy - Run Out Of Breath (Better Audio) #Exclusive

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2022.01.22 10:42 afcbczech Meaning of the word "poreferovat".

I'm a long term resident in CZ and speak Czech pretty well. But unfortunately i just received a WhatsApp message from a client, that i think i understand, but I'm not sure as it doesn't seem to fit with the history the client and i have. He wrote me:
"Děkuji za zpětnou vazbu. Zavolám si na pobočku a poreferuji tam o vašem přístupu."
Do i understand it right that he basically wants to complain about me?
Thanks all for your help!
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2022.01.22 10:42 ContentForager2 butterflies (/r/TheArtistStudio)

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2022.01.22 10:42 SnickerDoodleComics [OC] Pockets

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